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Leigh Harkrider Discusses the Elements that make an Exceptional Promotional Video

Within the last few years, cellphone video recording quality and video editing technology have developed exponentially. Video creation has never been more accessible to the general public, and many young videographers are using this new technology to create videos in their spare time. Today, amateur videographers are finding their voice and are using their skills to create promotional videos for various organizations they are passionate about. Leigh Harkrider, a videographer, writer, and director, has more than thirteen years of experience within the film industry and has worked with a number of political groups and companies to create promotional videos. Most recently, Mr. Harkrider volunteered to help Movement for a People’s Party create promotional videos for their most recent convention. Looking to educate the next generation of videographers, below, Leigh Harkrider will discuss what makes an excellent promotional video.


It is important to remember when creating promotional content that you are trying to get someone’s attention, not inform them on a large topic. That is to say, you can always try to use some education information in your promotional content, but it needs to be quick and memorable. Many studies have shown that viewer attention span has gotten shorter, which means videographers need to do a lot in a short time with their videos. When creating promotional content, always try to have your video be under 2 minutes, and if possible, as little as 30 seconds.

Write a Compelling Script

Whether you are writing the script yourself or working with a scriptwriter, it is important to have a general idea of your shot list. It is not essential to have a fully finished shot list, but you should have a general outline of shots to create a script that will match your visual message. When it comes to promotional videos, sometimes less is more. Do not feel the need to fill your video with facts and information; instead, look for a few sentences that encapsulate the organization’s mission.

Remember the Audience

Audience connection to your material will be the deciding factor for whether your promotional video is a success. For this reason, knowing your audience is essential to the video creation process. Take the time to do your research and discuss with your organization who their target audience is. Taking the proper steps to connect with your audience will significantly benefit your project further down the road.